Monday, 21 January 2013

FAB 2.0

OK so I didnt think I'd ever do this but I had a go at a redesign. For some time after the unfortunate passing of Gerry Anderson I wanted to do something Thunderbird related. Early last year, talk was going around that Mr Anderson was working on new Thunderbirds (likely to be in the CGI styling of the new Captain Scarlett.

While nothing can improve on the original series, I would have loved to work on the series and after asking around a bit, word was the series had been cancelled...

Now though I wanted to try a redesign. Thunderbird 2 was probably my favourite design and for some time I felt I couldnt even bring a new design to the table that would improve the existing one. Once I got over the fact that I wasnt actually getting to redesign and ruin the old design, I finally thought of it as more of a personal re design in todays world. With todays vehicles actually able to produce vertical take-offs and the rather fine military style of the aircraft in Avatar, I saw a way in to designing T2 so it still resembled its bulky body but could work in a movie world.

These are the intial sketches for now. For now the middle one stand out but some features may come together from the sketches too. Anyone want to put their words to what would be good feel free to comment below...

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