Wednesday, 30 May 2012

An alien world out there...PART 3

So I think I have come to a final look.. for now. I played with multiple ideas of having a much larger ship take the centre stage but for now this will do. With the additional cuved forms and characters in the foreground, I felt 2 small ships may help the scale of things. Well its done for now just in time for 31stMay/1stJune and Prometheus!!!

Lets hope its a cracker!!!

EDIT: because this silly blog thing has changed yet again I cant seem to get the large version of this image to open. Either right click the image and view in a new window or go to and look in the Environment Design section. Thanks

Thursday, 24 May 2012

An alien world out there...PART 2

So as promised, I have continued (aka found 30 spare mins) on this location shot inspired by my cravings for Prometheus (7 days!!!!!!)

Basically the initial environment existed and now needed beefing up. I was liking the atmospheric sky of smoke but genererally I wanted to bring the lighting as a whole, down a bit. For a more 'other worldly' quality I added a (very) near moon/planet and slight stars in space.

*as a side note I love making random planets and just saving the raw psd files. You never know when you may need a groups of planets or moons for a location or for a space ship to pass by. I may include a quick PShop tutorial on doing this as its quick and easy :)

Next was a tad more lighting to keep the interest. Using a dodge layer I added a haze of northern-light-type streaks through the sky...

So whats next on the agenda. I need to populate it with something and that is likely to be a vehicle. Anyone who wants to suggest ideas let me know

Thursday, 17 May 2012

An alien world out there...

A start up piece from today. Anyone who knows me and my enthusiasm for sci-fi will be aware of a little film called Prometheus that I want to see. So to strive off the wait I started a lil Alien inspired piece. So far it just started as a 20min warm up but I want to keep this one going so lets call this part1. Any suggestions as to what to add would be cool.

Quick piece

This was a very quick bit of sketch practice and working from a texture layer. Not much else to say really...