Friday, 1 June 2012

A new beginning...

Well Isaw Prometheus and did really enjoy thank goodness! A lot of mixed reviews showing up. Maybe I'll post a proper blog about it soon. As the intention always was with this blog; partly show off work and also discuss film.

Below though for now, is the start of a new environment design. probably close to an hours worth od doodling stuff. At this stage its a case of just topping up the details and fixing things but Im always willing to consider a major addition or change to the image. Thoughts as always?...

Also been playing with a great free drawing tool on the mobile (yes Im one of those 'annoying app guys' now!) Hopefully post the random little scribbles Ive done from time to time. Its great for quick greyscale tonal sketches. Would be a good exercise to take a drawing from the smallest of devices and turn it into a large image on a proper device (i.e. photoshop)

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