Friday, 21 October 2011

Is it a bird? is it a plane? umm yeah it's a plane...

Posting a fresh concept painting right after its been done. If it had been painted traditionally it would still be wet! (but it's not so don't worry).

This week after a run of inspired videos from Coral Painter Pro, Ryan Church I had the bug to paint something in the air with some of the skills I had picked up from his tutorials. While his lessons didn't necessarily bring anything revolutionary to the table, it certainly refreshed my knowledge and approach at times. As a major Feng Zhu fan, I'll admit my biased ways of following his work purely on it's own is a very narrow minded view to see the industry but Ryan Church's tutorials have genuinely opened me up to a broad acceptance of concept design. I'm probably digging myself in right now but I have and always will enjoy concept art in general but was always taken by Feng Zhu's design style. Now I am looking to follow a collection of other designers more so...

Anyway enough gasing. Check out the new design which is the last image on my personal work page here.

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