Thursday, 10 October 2013

No Im not dead...

but I have been away from the beloved concept art world for too long. Sad times. I need to change this predicament and hopefully this is a starting point. Today is just a link post to old work that has been given the OK to be shown. In August the new series of Chuggington aired on CBBC and I was fortunate to work on it. On my website I have posted a small handful of designs that have aired.

It was the first job that required me to use 3D in my workflow so I had to learn SketchUp pretty quickly. The benefit of this on my other work was impressive and now its pretty cool to have blocked out and sometimes even basic renders to work from. Anyway enough chat.

My Chug work is here

Tomorrow I have an even bigger run of old work that can finally see the light of day! News to follow...

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